During my 30 years of travel alot of crazy sh*t has happened – like getting arrested as ‘a spy’ in Saddam’s Iraq. Caught amid a monster cyclone that devastated Bangladesh. Being drugged, abducted, robbed, and ditched in Siberia. Actively participating in a mesmerizing Voodoo ceremony. Hitchhiking the Sahara from north to south. And more.

I am a global nomad. I’ve never had a house or a car or a permanent job. But once, I owned a TV. Recently however, I found myself a lovely wife – who also enjoys the minimalist travel life,  so my backpack remains my home. And the trail continues …


Michael Robert Powell left New Zealand at age 21 and soon became addicted to the a life of travel. It wasn’t planned. And since 1988, he has experienced 130+ countries and territories, including Antarctica. Travel inspires his art.