Michael Robert Powell - traveler

Hi. I'm Michael Robert Powell and for 30 years now, I've traveled the planet - backpacking across continents - exploring more than 120 countries (also visiting territories such as Antarctica).

Travel guides my life

maps of overland travels across the world

My story isn't that internet cliche: "So I quit my job and sold everything to travel the world ..."

Not me. I didn't get near the career treadmill. 

You see, way back in 1988 following graduation, I didn't know what to do with my life. And so, I left New Zealand for London completely aimless - except to enjoy live music and big city life.

But things changed.

A dice throw led me to travel around the Middle East (including Iraq + Syria).

Travel addiction took hold.

For decades I wandered alone, without any social circle.

Never having a house or a car or a permanent job. (But once, I owned a TV.)

However in recent years, I've edged closer to 'normality' when I met my lovely wife ...

... in China.

Wei also enjoys a minimalist travel life.

So the trail continues ...

Wei & MRP - Ladakh, India 2016

Wei & MRP at the high pass of the Himalayan Highway on route from Srinagar to Leh in India, 2017 

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