Ellusive Peace Jerusalem Israel & Palestine 1989

Elusive Peace – Jerusalem

Surreal Travel Art

I have seen both sides and met nice people from both sides and hence, remain neutral.

This conflict still has no ‘solution’ for peace.

Ellusive Peace Jerusalem Israel & Palestine 1989
ELUSIVE PEACE – ART BY MRP © 2004 (Original release – SOLD)


The day after I took these pics, life caught me between Israeli soldiers.

And teargas.

Amid a Palestinian funeral-procession ending in chaos around me, below the old-walled tower of Jaffa Gate in December 1989.

There are no photos because an Israeli sergeant threatened to shoot/beat me.

If I did, as I’d raised my camera, I decided not to cos he was just meters-from-me shouting at me; looking mighty-f**ked-off.

Dome Of The Rock Jerusalem Art By Mrp

Both cultures share super-sacred religious sites near each other, as depicted here, sharing the same surrounds, each with their beautiful and brutal histories barely co-existing.

Elusive Peace – 2020 Remix

Travels in Israel + Palestine – 1989-90