unconcerned by society art by michael robert powell

10 Indications You’re a Freedom Junkie, a Travel Crazy or Simply, Insane

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Author’s Note: Don’t take this too seriously. 😜 To help you decide whether you’re a comfortable drone, a freak in the system or a burden to society, I’ve made a cheeky check-list to see if you’re a Freedom Junkie. Go on, answer the questions!

Are you a Freedom Junkie?

1. You get bored of your everyday environment often, and even when you are somewhere new, 6 months is enough – before you want a change of scenery.

2.  You enjoy different sexual partners, often.

3.  Your job is meaningless, your boss a dork, your work colleagues dull.

4. You don’t accept the manipulative fingers of politics, religion, media hype, social gossip, societal obedience, celebrity worship.

5.  You don’t want a mortgage, student loan, or other bank debt like a chain on your ankle, for life.

unconcerned by society art by michael robert powell
Unconcerned by Society. Art by MRP 2005.

6. You need few consumer items; and reject swanky, luxurious lifestyles.

7.  You want a simple life.

8.   You love learning about / experiencing new things constantly; meeting new people, seeing new places that amaze.

9.   You love the idea of shouting “Fuck This!” and walking into the sunset (with your life – in a bag).

10.  You thrive on adventure, freshness, unpredictability, and wonder: What will tomorrow bring ?

If you’re affirmative with much of this – then you have the answer: Congratulations! You’re a Freedom Junkie – so now drop out & just go with the flow.

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