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Escaping the Snow: Van Life at 3800 Meters – China

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It’d been a meandering drive across lonely grasslands on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, when we arrived at the Galitai Pass.

Being afternoon, we decided to stop-over and stay the night in this high-valley pass.

snow landscape galitai mountain pass china
Next morning: From above (aerial shot) looking back to the valley we arrived through.

A hot meal of noodles, meat and vegetables amid swigs of baijiu (strong, clear Chinese liquor) complemented the chill and stark surrounds.

van life in china on the frozen tibetan plateau
MRP flying drone (DJI Mavic Mini), before the snowstorm approached.

Van Life at the Galiti Pass – Altitude: 3800 meters

… By morning, we opened the curtain – it had snowed last night.

from above mountain pass 3800 meters china
Van camped at the van life Galitai Mountain Pass sitting at 3800 meters on Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai, China. (Can you spot our van?)

It was cold but enchanting.

Wei made milk tea and garlic toast as I flew my drone over the frozen monochromatic surrounds.

Soon, three oil tankers traveling as a convoy, pulled over on the road 100 meters away, drivers gathering to share breakfast around a steaming pot upon a gas-cannister stove.

Deserted road on snowy Galitai Mountain Pass - China.
Deserted road on snowy Galitai Mountain Pass – China.

And then the bulb of slight-morning sun faded and swirling gray swamped the horizon. Snow flapped in. So we hit the road – before we got buried by cold white.

Watch the video: On the Road – Escaping the Snow

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