Exploring a continent of immense beauty & diversity

dmz visit south korea JSA border point
The De-Militarized Zone is a 4 kilometer-wide no-man's-land, slicing the Korean peninsula in half. The DMZ is the tensest border on the planet.
Traveling Syria in 1989, encountering classic Islamic hospitality on a bungled hiking trip to the desert ruins of Halabiye on the Euphrates River.
yugur nomads sheep flock gansu china
Exploring the desert mountains of Gansu and meeting Yugur nomads while van camping a few days at a waterhole used by their flocks of sheep. In this wilderness, I celebrated my 54th birthday.
ganjia tibetan monastery gansu
An ancient city lured us – but the isolation seized us. Exploring Ganjia as winter approaches. From an ancient fortress and snow mountains to a living goddess temple and a sacred Tibetan cave.
masked women minab iran
Looking at the women of Minab Market reveals the ancient trading routes that once connected southern Iran with the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, and beyond.
avoiding accidents tehran crazy travel story iran 1990
First impressions of traveling in Tehran - Iran, in 1990. Racing across the city in a taxi amid chaotic streets that seemed asking for accidents every minute.
tribesmen baluchistan desert pakistan 1990
Crossing the deserts of Baluchistan in western Pakistan is a wild adventure, encountering nomadic tribesmen amid desolate spaces.
police hassles saddams iraq crazy travel story 1989
Entering a small town in Saddam's Iraq seemed a quiet and friendly experience - until a children's parade proceeded down the mainstreet.
nightmare vietnam crazy travel stories
Last night I dreamed a disturbing dream. And that nightmare seemed real the next morning - walking the streets of Kontum in Vietnam.
Surreal artwork based on my experience of being caught amid a riot in East Jerusalem during the first Palestinian Intifada in 1989.
Old Sanaa is an Arabian Nights vision - straight from the tales of the 1001 Nights. And it's one the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world.
UN APC Maliana East Timor
Australian United Nations Peace-Keeping Force of armored personnel carriers (APCs) assemble and then set off on a reconnaissance mission to the volatile Indonesian border nearby.
beautiful mongolian folk music video
Video of traditional Mongolian folk music - with throat singing - recorded in a tent in Karakorum, Mongolia, once the capital of Genghis Khan's empire.