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First impressions of traveling in Tehran - Iran, in 1990. Racing across the city in a taxi amid chaotic streets that seemed asking for accidents every minute.
Yemen is a fascinating country - no doubt. Get my crazy take on the travel experience and culture of Yemen from 2005.
Surreal artwork based on my experience of being caught amid a riot in East Jerusalem during the first Palestinian Intifada in 1989.
UN APC Maliana East Timor
Australian United Nations Peace-Keeping Force of armored personnel carriers (APCs) assemble and then set off on a reconnaissance mission to the volatile Indonesian border nearby.
boys surfing irrigation channels yemen
Video of boys surfing barefoot down ancient irrigation channels amid the mountain villages in Yemen.
traditional mongolia music video
Video of traditional Mongolian folk music - with throat singing - recorded in a tent in Karakorum, Mongolia, once the capital of Genghis Khan's empire.
Looking at the women of Minab Market reveals the ancient trading routes that once connected southern Iran with the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, and beyond.
india traffic chaos at night
The ultimate zero-BS India travel advice. First timers often find it overwhelming but these expert tips help avoid problems, so you can enjoy India more.
New Year 2017 started for me in North Korea in Pyongyang. I went to North Korea by train from China, and traveled with a Chinese tour group.