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Lazy Days on 4K Beach – Koh Rong Island Cambodia

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Lazy beach days are always good.

Even if you’re not suffering from divorce, diarrhea, drunken penile dysfunction or any other horrid disaster, lazy beach days always cure something unspoken.

Author’s Note: No, I wasn’t suffering from any of the above mentioned ailments, but thanks for asking 😉

Deserted: Just a few people on 4K Beach on Koh Rong island, where we stayed 5 days.

So after a blitz of brilliant temples at mighty Angkor (my 3rd visit since 1994), Wei and I headed south to the coast. To laze.

To eat. To sleep. To swim. To drink beer. To make love.

My wife, then GF, Wei relaxing on our bungalow balcony @ Reef on the Beach at 4K Beach on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia. It was her first-time outside of China.

4K Beach on Koh Rong Island – TRAVEL ADVICE

Firstly, this has to be said: There are amazing tropical beaches everywhere.

Walking away from 4K Beach – on Koh Rong Island – for 20 minutes into a quiet, rocky cove. (Note: Wei in right corner).

And I’ve been to my fair share from Nicaragua to Nigeria, Thailand to East Timor, Easter Island to India, etc; so, don’t let web hype convince you of the best places to go – because there’s 1000s of choices!

The gorgeous warm waters of deserted 4K beach on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia.

However that said, the islands of Cambodia are worthwhile – until mass tourism arrives, which it will, so get there soon.

4K Beach is awesome – for now (in 2016, only a couple of guesthouses on the entire beach but I see on the web that things have developed further).

How to get to Koh Rong Island

Regular high-speed and slower ferries leave from the mainland at Sihanoukville a few times per day. Prices for fast boats are $10 one way.

Once on Koh Rong, resorts and guest-houses can pick you up by longtail boats to take you to the remoter beaches. There’s zero vehicles – no tuk-tuks; foot is also variable, if your backpack is light.

My beer advertisement image .. “chilled (insert brand name) beer, shapely babe, tranquil beach, beaming sunset. Tranquility at Otres (1) Beach on the mainland at Sihanoukville on the southern coast. We stayed 5 nights here before going to Koh Rong Island.

Travel Tips for 4K Beach

1. Take mossie repellent as sandflies can be nasty (although it wasn’t an issue for us during the hot, windy season).

2. NO ATMS – take plenty of US dollars cash.

3. No wifi (at 4K Beach): buy local Smart SIM @ 2GB data for $5. Probably changed by now but having a SIM is definitely a plus.

4. Alcohol and great meals and other supplies can be bought at Koh Touch Beach easily.

Local guy kayaks to a longtail boat on 4K Beach, facing our bungalow (right) as local dogs race along the shore as we depart by boat …

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