Natural Beauty & Human Achievement

Following the gorgeous Swahili Coast of Kenya, visiting beaches and islands, ancient Islamic ruins and Portuguese forts. Plus encounters with naughty monkeys.
palindo lore lindu megalith bada valley
Exploring the ancient megaliths of Bada Valley at Lore Lindu, whose origins remain a mystery. Yet, their styling is similar to ancient relics in Laos and Colombia.
Traveling the Srinagar-Leh Highway. Travel photo-story and advice for the journey into the Himalayas. Built by the military, this is the only road linking isolated Ladakh with Jammu and Kashmir states.
Djenne is famous for its surreal mud mosque that dominates this ancient trading town, once an important stop on the Trans-Saharan route and today's Monday Market is also a must-see.
chicken shaped rock white desert egypt
Traveling to the amazing wind-sculpted formations for an overnight stay in the White Desert of Egypt is best done from Bawiti (Bahariya oasis), rather than in Cairo.
Our world offers some some much natural and historic beauty - come check out these wonderful panoramic vistas!
Hathor is a goddess of many things within the ancient Egyptian story. To visit this amazingly preserved temple at Dendara, alone, is wondrous.
hama waterwheels syria 1989
Memories of backpacking around Syria, talking my way into Syria by getting a visa on the border, exploring ancient sights while hitchhiking the desert, and visiting a restricted military zone on the Israeli border, and more.
surreal art maya warrior
Impressions of crazy love amid a surreal past - MesoAmerican ruins of the Maya and others.
Misty Wandu Tomb Ruins China
Van-camping in China, near Jian at Wandu Mountain City ruins, amid the valley of nobles tombs at the ancient capital of the Korean Goguryeo Kingdom.
Sudan's pyramids are older than Egypt's and there are more of them! But the pyramids at Meroe are much smaller. Still, you'll probably be alone & in awe.
Panorama Morning Pyramid Prasat Thom Koh Ker Temples Cambodia
The temples at Angkor are the most famous in the world, but how many people have heard of nearby Koh Ker? Check them out and enjoy the ruins without the crowds.
Great Zimbabwe Hill Top Ruins Panorama
Monumental stone ruins are rare in southern Africa. Yet in the highlands of Zimbabwe, these awe-inspiring ruins rival the Inca sites of Peru.
hiking mount sinai travel advice
Travel advice & pics for backpackers hiking Mount Sinai in Egypt. Consider climbing during the day, allowing 3 hours - with plenty of rest and photo ops.
angkor wat cambodia 1994
Back in June 1994, the temples of Angkor were deserted and quiet as the Cambodian civil war continued...
Within the Kaluts region, you could be forgiven for wondering if you've stumbled into a lost city - as miles of eroded sand towers & blocks stick out of the desert.
yongtai fortress gate china_
In 400-year-old Yongtai Ancient city - a ruined frontier fort on the Silk Road - remains a village of soldier-descendants, herding goats and sheep amid the arid surrounds of this turtle shaped fortress.