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Traveling Niger to the old trading town of Zinder on the southern edge of the Sahara / Sahel as I turn 25.
The freedom, the beauty and the irony of van-traveling the mountains of Yunnan in China as the world stays locked-down with the coronavirus. But there's still a few issues ...
camels on route moyale-marsabit-kenya
The arduous journeys of traveling or rather, paid hitchhiking by truck across Northern Kenya from Ethiopia - Moyale to Marsabit in Kenya. My second time!
Traveling the Srinagar-Leh Highway. Travel photo-story and advice for the journey into the Himalayas. Built by the military, this is the only road linking isolated Ladakh with Jammu and Kashmir states.
valli car promotion china
The 'Final Cut' of the Valli car advertisement filmed in the Litang region of Tibetan Sichuan by a Shanghai film agency.
camels sand dune sunset silk road china
Traveling the Silk Road trade route thru China's Gansu province on a long train journey from Lanzhou to Jiayuguan Fort + the Thousand Buddha Caves.
Black + White Photography: Traveling across North Korea on the deserted highway from Pyongyang to the DMZ border with South Korea, on a bleak and foggy winter's day.
how to hitchhike travel advice
Get expert hitchhiking advice about what to do, how and why from a guy who's hitchhiked the Sahara Desert and from England to India, etc.