Dark Side

conflict, disasters + the underbelly of life

"Last week, a guest was kidnapped," said the guy at hotel reception... Impressions of traveling around Lebanon in January 2024 during the Gaza War.
angkor wat cambodia 1994
Back in June 1994, the temples of Angkor were deserted and quiet as the Cambodian civil war continued...
potosi mountain view bolivia
It stole the lives of about 8 million indigenous Indian and African slaves at "The Mountain That Eats Men" in the Spanish colonial town of Potosi in modern Bolivia.
killing fields skulls in sky cambodia 1994
Surreal account of Cambodia in 1994, visiting the killing fields and S-21 prison when the Khmer Rouge insurgency was raging and Pol Pot was still alive.
While the world saw it on TV, I was there in Cox's Bazar amid a deadly cyclone that devastated coastal Bangladesh in 1991, killing 138,000 people.
corrupt cops fake police travel scam nairobi
Fake police travel scam in Nairobi, Kenya. But were they fake police or corrupt cops? Read this crazy story and decide for yourself.
Visiting the Mother Russia statue at Stalingrad war memorial, site of one of the longest and most brutal battles in modern history, which saw Nazi Germany defeated.
burning nightmare dream in vietnam
Last night I dreamed a disturbing dream. And that nightmare seemed real the next morning - walking the streets of Kontum in Vietnam.
From van-camping over a lake and mountain panorama in Yunnan, to being sent to a quarantine area during the initial Coronavirus outbreak in China.
Ellusive Peace Jerusalem Israel & Palestine 1989
Surreal artwork based on my experience of being caught amid a riot in East Jerusalem during the first Palestinian Intifada in 1989.
San Pedro Prison Tour Bolivia
Touring San Pedro Prison in La Paz is to enter a brutal, surreal circus - where inmates run the system and drugs and violence are rife, yet prisoners' families also live inside the walls!
drugged and robbed in russia
I'm drugged, abducted, robbed and dumped unconscious in the Siberian countryside. WTF! My crazy story and advice about how to avoid this dangerous travel scam.
sudden dental disaster in cambodia
In Cambodia, eating pork fried rice proves hazardous - rushing me to an urgent dental visit. But then the disaster really begins as I get more than I hoped for!
angry piggy goes to market laos video
From the window of the bus, I watch 3 guys put a squealing pig into the cargo hold below, somewhere in central Laos. Is this cruel or?
crazy street guy eating-meal cambodia video
In quiet Koh Kong on coastal Cambodia, there's this homeless - probably crazy - guy sitting on the pavement alone, and so I buy him a meal.
Transylvania is a cultural and scenic cinema. But thanks to Bram Stoker's Dracula, western imaginations - mine included - fly into vampire overdrive.
wrecked ships aral sea moynaq uzbekistan
The shrinking of the Aral Sea is dramatic at 'the port' of Moynaq in Uzbekistan, with its cemetery of rusting ships - now stranded 170 km from the actual shore!
Cremation spot of Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge Cambodai
Exploring Anlong Veng - the ex-Khmer Rouge stronghold - on the trail to Pol Pot's mountain jungle hideaway, and visiting his pitiful grave.
crazy old woman video morocco
Morocco: Below my guesthouse in the street, this - seemingly crazy - old woman erupts at workers on a building site. But what's provoked her?