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hama waterwheels syria 1989
Memories of backpacking around Syria, talking my way into Syria by getting a visa on the border, exploring ancient sights while hitchhiking the desert, and visiting a restricted military zone on the Israeli border, and more.
maya shaman blessing mexico video
Video of a Mexican Mayan shaman performing a traditional ritual with words, drums and incense to cleanse, bless, and protect me. In Spanish, he wishes good health, luck with family, and my travels.
sarong beach sunset papua indonesia
Part #2 of story heading into outer Indonesia to Papua in search of my GF -Erica's, long lost father that she hadn't seen for 30 years.
The ancient town of Shaxi in Yunnan was a market for trading Chinese tea and Tibetan war horses on the Southern Silk Road between India and China.
masked women minab iran
Looking at the women of Minab Market reveals the ancient trading routes that once connected southern Iran with the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, and beyond.
yaghan women archive
They often wore no clothes - staying naked, but smothered in seal oil to survive in the cold southern tip of South America.
full moon rising sanaa yemen art panorama by Michael Robert Powell
Old Sanaa is an Arabian Nights vision - straight from the tales of the 1001 Nights. And it's one the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world.
Djenne is famous for its surreal mud mosque that dominates this ancient trading town, once an important stop on the Trans-Saharan route and today's Monday Market is also a must-see.
Black & White photography featuring people in their environment. Going for a retro printed paper look, evoking texture, fades, softened images.
beautiful mongolian folk music video
Video of traditional Mongolian folk music - with throat singing - recorded in a tent in Karakorum, Mongolia, once the capital of Genghis Khan's empire.
girl ainaro east timor 2000
A letter home from my time in Ainaro in the mountains of East Timor, living with a local family and working for the United Nations in 2000.
family house marsh arabs iraq 1989
The Marsh Arabs of Iraq are a unique Middle Eastern culture that have thrived in the marshlands of southern Iraq for millennia. I visited them in 1989.
syrian men halabiye euphrates river
Traveling Syria in 1989, encountering classic Islamic hospitality on a bungled hiking trip to the desert ruins of Halabiye on the Euphrates River.
yugur nomads sheep flock gansu china
Exploring the desert mountains of Gansu and meeting Yugur nomads while van camping a few days at a waterhole used by their flocks of sheep. In this wilderness, I celebrated my 54th birthday.
hmong hill tribe kids homestay sapa vietnam
In the mountains of Vietnam, I stay with a Hmong family living an ancient lifestyle (barely touched by the modern world in 1994), which included the accepted use of opium.
Glowing psychedelic skulls grin at me. Today is the Day of the Dead. What the Maya call Hanal Pixan also known as The Day of the Dead in Mexico.
Al Qasr has a desert oasis fairytale feel to it. Built in the 12th century in an Islamic style on the ruins of a Roman settlement, it sits amid the Dakhla Oasis in Western Egypt.
Meet Daouda Diabate - a Baye Fall singer/songwriter from Senegal, who lives in an old military bunker on Goree Island offshore of Dakar.
young girl portrait east timor
Photographic portraits of females encountered on the road - young & old.
rain rivers storm bangladesh
Early Travel Impressionism digital art made while living in India and Cambodia in 2004-2005.
Future Tourism: When the world gets commercial and cartoon beyond belief.