Street Guy Gets a Meal – Cambodia

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I’m eating at a food cart in quiet Koh Kong and there’s this homeless – maybe crazy – street guy sitting on the pavement alone, staring vacantly but smiling to the sky.

And then, he stares at the food vendor’s stall; a flash of guilt and generosity strikes me and before I can think about it – I’m buying him a meal.

It just seemed right.

And I ask: Who you’ve done the same?

Maybe not.

Afterall, it’s easy to ignore those you past in the street, especially when there’s so many (like in India).

And usually, I’d do the same; just walk on.

But on this occasion in the tranquil vibes of Koh Kong on coastal Cambodia, I had time to reflect, rather than hurry my day.

It seemed the thing to do.

Yet, did it make a difference to the world?


Well, it did, make someone happy for an hour.

And, I too, felt good about it.

Travels in Cambodia – 2012


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