Piggy Goes to Market – Laos

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From the window of the bus, I watch 3 guys drag – lift a squealing pig by the ears – into the cargo hold below, somewhere in central Laos.

Now, it seems funny – I laughed – to hear the pig squealing. Weird sounds right; but obviously, it’s in great distress.

Is this cruel?

I don’t know. I mean, how else are the farmers going to get it to market and make money from their labor to feed their families?

It’s well clear that piggy doesn’t want to go to market – would you? Shit, not me!

Maybe, it’s going to another farm to live out it’s days as a stud? Now, that sounds sexy and kind!

Yet, reality says it’s just destined as pork. Grilled meat on a stick soon. Yum.

And for that dear piggy, I am deeply sorry.

However, I too, am hungry.

And so is the world …

Travels in Laos – 2008


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