Houses Of Palagan Village Kurdistan Iran
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Palangan – a Kurdish Village Stepping the Mountain – Iran

The taxi driver that I flagged-down took me to his village, where I was offered lunch.

(His mother and sister ate in the adjoining kitchen, as is custom to separate male and female within the family – when an outsider is present).

Kurdish Family Photo Iran
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The kindness of strangers: the Kurdish family that I had lunch with, invited by the son in the middle. (NOTE: the unmarried sister purposely avoids eye-contact with my camera).
Palangan Village Panorama Kurdistan Iran
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In the river valley between the two halves of Palangan Village.

I was in western Iran near the Iraqi frontier, and couldn’t help noticing military bases and watch-towers shadowing the quiet mountain roads of Kurdistan Province.

Photos of the Kurdish Village of Palangan

Palangan Kurdish Homes On Steep Mountain iran
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Palangan rises steeply up the sides of a valley amid the Zagros mountains, and the village is divided in two by an off-shoot of the Sirwan River.

Palangan Cliff Kurdish Kids Iran
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Kids look down the cliffs of Palangan surrounds.

The traditional village houses step up the slopes like stone stairs, each house’s roof-top becomes the front yard for the home above.

Portraits Kurdish Men Palangan Iran
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Kurdish men of Palangan. Locals were happy to have their photo taken. But it helped that my Kurdish driver was accompanying me.

Getting to Palangan – TRAVEL ADVICE

I was based in the city of Sanandaj and did a day-trip – this was back in 2010.

I took a bus to Kamyaran, 60 Km from Sanandaj, and from there I got a taxi (locals will help you). And aside from renting a car, there are very few transport options.

Palangan Kurdish Village Iran
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Back then, Palangan was a non-touristy place.

And I believe it still is, but now a trickle of foreigners are getting there and certainly Iranians are aware of it.

Spring and summer could be popular with touring families, but I was there in winter and it was quiet.

Kurdish Women Palagan Iran
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Kurdish women of Palangan village. TOP: Kurdish women shop for colorful clothes unloaded by a traveling salesman.
Kurdish Sitting On Roof Palangan Iran
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Women sit on their rooftops with a view – killing the afternoon boredom.

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