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Doucki – Hiking Above the Grand Canyon of Guinea

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Known as the “Grand Canyon of Guinea”, this mighty gorge tears 70+ km thru the highlands of Guinea’s Fouta Djallon. 


For a few days, I stayed above the canyon in the village of Doucki.

Cloud and mist over the canyon edge in the Fouta Djallon of Guinea.

Doucki Hiking Guide – Hassan Bah.

Hassan is a fun guy with tons of life experience (read about Hassan here).

Hassan Bah – guide, good-time guy, and guesthouse owner.

Despite it being Ramadan and the fact that he was fasting during the day, Hassan insisted on taking me hiking.

Every day.

In the heat.

And exploring for hours, without taking food or water until dusk!

Panorama of the canyon at Doucki.

Doucki – Travel Advice

Contact Hassan: + 224622457553 or on his Facebook page “hassan doucki hiking guide and host”

A typical traditional house.

GETTING THERE: Not that easy if you’re relying on public transport (as I was). I stayed the night in Pita, and from there the next morning made my way to Doucki, via another town. Waiting for the bush-taxi to fill-up with enough passengers meant waiting hours.

Ask to be dropped at “Hassan- Doucki”. From the picture-sign on the left side of the road, it’s a km or so down a trail to Hassan’s place.

Faces of Doucki: The people of this region are all Muslim and culturally known as the Fulani, or Fula. CENTER: Hassan’s wife, Maimouna.

ACCOMMODATION + MEALS: You stay with Hassan and family in your own traditional hut. Simple, tasty meals are included.

PRICES: I was there in 2007, and assume costs have increased.

Vulture’s Rock waterfalls. Look in the center of pic to see a small figure sitting – this is Hassan Bah.

THINGS TO DO: Go hiking – off course. Explore rock formations and slot canyons. Swim in waterfall pools. Check-out how the locals live by wandering around the village.

And also, chill with book on a hammock.

Slot canyon in Fouta Djallon highlands of Guinea. (Lots of giant millipedes in here).
As dusk light fades across part of the canyon – a lone bird sings.
Aside from many tropical fruits and vegetables grown here, there’s also many colorful plants.
The village iman returns from working in his fields in the canyon.