On a sunny winter’s day – amid a chill breeze – we clambered thru dry fields, towards the pinnacles of the Zeng Shan Mountains.

zeng shan mountain shandong china panorama

Some mountaintops were fortresses dating from ancient times, with rock carvings of Buddha, crumbling walls, a gate between cliffs, and drinking troughs, remaining.

countryside landscape zeng shan mountain shandong china

However, a clear history seems obscure. In more recent times Zeng Shan was used by rebel armies during the Ming (1368–1644 AD) and the Qing (1644–1912) dynasties.

mountainous countryside shandong china

hiker amid mountain shandong china

Amid the pinnacles, caves and ancient tombs. On this day I was hiking with my GF – Wei.
ancient rock carving mountain shandong china

countryside rice terraces zeng shan mountain shandong china

hiking zeng shan mountain shandong china

Travels in China – 2015

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