Across North Korea – Road to DMZ

Video slideshow of traveling the deserted highway south from Pyongyang in North Korea to the DMZ on the border with South Korea, on a bleak and foggy winter's day....
kim-leader-statues-north-korea Mansu Hill Grand Monument at night

Video of North Korea – Pyongyang Flashes

New Year 2017 started for me in North Korea. In Pyongyang, the capital, to be exact. The following (experimental) slideshow video offers a few highlights from the city. ...
india traffic chaos

India minus the BS – Travel Advice

India will change your life. But amid the beauty are some hassles and issues that you must deal with ... In 2016, India remains an eternal experience of learning, amusement and wonder....

Lazy beach days – Cambodia

Lazy beach days are always good. Even if you're not suffering from divorce, diarrhoea, drunken penile dysfunction or any other horrid life disaster, lazy beach days always cure something unspoken....

Travelling Syria – flashback 1989

Over black coffee most mornings I watch Al Jazeera News online - and shudder at the headline act:  the Syrian Civil War. It screams at us daily. ...
canoes iraq marsh arabs 1989

Marsh Arabs of Iraq

For millennia, a unique Middle Eastern culture - the Marsh Arabs - thrived in the marshlands of southern Iraq....

Zorats Karer – Armenia’s Stonehenge

The stone circle of Zorats Karer could be 7500 years old. Meaning well beyond most man-made structures on earth, including Stonehenge and the pyramids....

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