Mystical Islam – sufis of Sudan #1

The Sufi whirling devishes at the Hamid El-Nil Mosque in Omdurman are sensational. Friendly. Funky. Fun. Uplifting. Pious. Pure ... I wish more westerners could witness these positive aspects of Islam.

Amid the wilds of Botswana

It was one of those epic meet-ups with a friend. But in Africa. Something we thought possible but when confronted by so many of the uncertainties of the road, it seemed very touch and go. Until it actually happened.

Victoria Falls – the smoke that thunders

Victoria Falls - the Smoke that Thunders - is the largest waterfall in the world, dropping the mighty Zambezi River into a "smoking" canyon at the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe in southern Africa.

Tiny, mighty Mozambique Island

For centuries tiny Mozambique island - just 3 km long and 500 meters wide - played a disproportionate role on Africa's east coast.

Mozambique by boat, truck, van + train

My intention of a continuous journey down the Swahili coast - from Lamu Island in Kenya to northern Mozambique, via Tanzania - ground to an abrupt halt at the Mozambique embassy in Dar es Salaam.

The Great Zimbabwe

Monumental stone ruins are rare in southern Africa. Yet in the lower highlands of Zimbabwe stand awe-inspiring African stone-work that feels like something from the Inca of Peru.