The Samarra spiral minaret – Al-Malwiyah – was once part of a huge adjoining mosque (now just ruined walls, on the right). It dates back to 960 A.D, when the Islamic world was more advanced than anywhere in Dark-Age Europe.

It was here that the Abbasid Empire retained and refined the ancient knowledge of Greece & Rome, information that would have been otherwise lost to the world today.

The Samarra spiral minaret is thought influenced by designs of the ancient Tower of Babel.

The Arabic sign reads: “Saddam is the people; the people are Saddam”.

I visited Iraq in November 1989.


The original print featured in my first solo art exhibition: Journeys Across The Planet; Travels Inside My Head. It was sold to a private collector in New Zealand in 2006.

Another edition of this print measures 1 x 2 meters, and was 1 of 4 images by MRP featured in the 18 month display exhibition: Destination X  (@ The Museum of World Culture –  Gothenburg, Sweden, 2011 ).

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