Traveling the deserted highway south from Pyongyang in North Korea to the DMZ on the border with South Korea, on a bleak and foggy winter’s day.

Photography taken discreetly from the window of a moving bus. Bumping along, windows condensated and reflections all show on pics to present a somewhat ghostly, gritty image of the North Korean countryside.

Street photography of Kaesong City

Kaesong is an industrial city near the DMZ and until recently, factories set-up there were producing South Korea products as relations had thrawed and Kaesong was developing (moreso than most other places in the DPRK).

kaesong-north-korea-street-photography 2a

Returning from the DMZ, we entered Kaesong to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Songgyungwan, an ancient learning institute built (but reconstructed later) in the early years of the Goryeo dynasty, which ruled Korea around 1000 years ago and prospered as a trade centre producing ginseng.


Lunch – the local speciality of chicken cooked in ginseng was consumed, along with a feast of many side dishes served in brass bowls – at a nearby restaurant across from a tourist souvenir shop, where the picture of the young women in traditional clothes was taken.

The return journey to Pyongyang was back along the same quiet highway for a couple of hours, passing empty rural scenes far from the road. Just a few locals on bicycles. A bleak, wintery blur of barren mountain scenes and speeding thru long tunnels, with soldiers stationed at their entrances, some standing statue-like, others distracted, looking lonely and bored.

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