Back in 1989 and aged 23, I simply walked into the entrance of Petra, Jordan; paid my fee, and wandered in with sleeping bag under arm. Despite a sign saying no overnight stays, no camping – no one stopped me.

petra jordan_03

I spent 3 nights sleeping in a small cave/tomb away from the main areas. Leaving my backpack there, while I explored by day.

petra jordan_06

Bedouin passing beyond the “Roman Arches”; looking to the main cluster of tombs within Petra

My bed was a mattress of swat, deep-rooted bushes – that I could not pull out but sawed thru the stems with my Swiss Army knife; the clumped heap on the stone cave floor was quite comfortable.

petra jordan_04

The Siq | the narrow, twisting gully entrance to Petra

All meals consisted of processed cheese with tomatoes and tinned tuna in Arabic flat bread that I carried in with me. Supplemented by sweet, hot tea – “shay” offered by local Bedouin (who lived within the ruins).

petra jordan_08

The scenery near “my cave” at sunset – Petra

petra jordan_01

The famous “treasury” in 1989 – quiet, apart from a lone Bedouin. (Note: the size of the doorway compared to a human!

petra jordan_07

Climbing the peaks … over Petra

petra jordan_05

The famous “Monastery” tomb – high above the valley of Wadi Musa, Petra. (The black dots to the left, are goats)

Local lad with … dead fox, Petra

petra jordan_02

Was always amazed by the colors of the rock …

The amazing many colors … continue

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