The rebel – FMLN – wartime stronghold at Perquin looms amid the mountains of northern El Salvador. The 1980-1992 civil war claimed 75,000 lives. Here I am guided around by a former guerilla – Catalino, who joined the guerillas at age 17.

A Tatu or underground bunker built to escape aerial bombardment

The camp housed up to 25,000 guerillas and familes in bunkers across the forested hills of Perquin

The stronghold once held up to 25,000 fighters and their families

Simple field hospital (Reconstructed)

Family, amid the ex-camp grounds

Bomb casings and bomb crater

Mountainous vista from atop of Cerro Perquin

Remains of trenches and foxholes that ringed the mountain top base at Perquin

Where the rebel radio station broadcast

Sunny, calm day atop of Cerro Perquin

Catalino – now a guide, once a guerilla, shows his past in a photo

Travels in El Salvador – 2010

Facts from Wikipedia

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