The Panama Canal was completed in 1913 at a cost of – you don’t really care, do you? I thought not.

ship panama-canal-miraflores-lock

Two ships passing thru separate lanes at Miraflores local

My advice get there after a few strong coffees, before lunch and the busloads of tour plebs.

close-up ship panama-canal-miraflores-lock engine tug

Ship heading back to Korea …?

Get enthused about the canal at the excellent museum at Miraflores Lock (which is about 12 km from Panama City) to digest all the factual info and archive photos.


Then then get a seat / position on the viewing decks above to watch ships pass you by, up and down, they go, thru the locks, huge monster ships on route to Asia … Amazing.

sailors panama-canal-miraflores-lock

Sailors on ship passing thru Canal bemused by excited tourists watching them and their ship

Just sit and watch. Drink scores of cold, overpriced beer – amid the heat of the tropical day – gulping from squashy plastic cups @ $US 4 each. Highly recommended.

train engine panama-canal-miraflores-lock

These trains / tug engines pull the boats thru the lock chamber

I did this for 8 hours … And yes, I did indeed see a good dozen huge ships. Right there, yes right here, in my face!

ship panama-canal-miraflores-lock

Ship free and about to leave the lock

tourists watch ships at panama-canal miraflores-lock

Tourist watch from the upper deck at Miraflores as ships approach from the Atlantic side


ship panama-canal-miraflores-lock

Ship heading towards Panama City and beyond, the Pacific Ocean

Travels in Panama – 2010

→ Want more canal action? See my post about the Suez Canal & Port Said in Egypt

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