Marco Polo was here … amid this high-altitude desert plain – known locally as Bam-i-Dunya; Roof of the World – where a mass of massive ranges, known as the Pamirs, are separated by deep, rugged valleys where isolated villages and ancient traditions exist, seemingly far away from the march of the modern world.

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pamir highway tajikistan

On the Pamir Highway - Tajikistan

pamir highway tajikistan

On route to Yashil Kul (Green Lake, 3734 meters) near Bulunkul village - dirt road off the Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

pamir highway tajikistan

Approach to Wakan Corridor and Afghanistan - Pamir highway in Tajikistan

pamir highway tajikistan

Looking over Wakan Valley - to Hindu Kush of Afghanistan - from ancient Buddhist stupa in Tajikistan

pamir highway fort tajikistan

Crumbling Silk Road fort above Wakan Corridor - looking to Hindu Kush peaks of Afghanistan on Pamir Highway - Tajikistan

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