The taxi driver that I flagged down on an empty highway took me to his village where I was soon offered lunch (his mother and sister ate in the adjoining kitchen, as is custom to separate male and female when an outsider is present). I was in western Iran near the Iraqi frontier; Iranian military bases and watch-towers shadowed the quiet mountain roads of Kurdistan.

women palangan-kurdish-village-iran

Women sit on rooftops of Kurdish village of Palangan in Iran

Following this family visit, we then proceeded onwards to the remote Kurdish village of Palangan.

boys palangan-kurdish-village-iran

kurdish village of palanagan in iran

Kurdish village of Palangan stepping up mountainsides in western Iran

women shopping palangan-kurdish-village-iran

Kurdish women shop for clothes from travelling salesman – Palangan


Old man in Kurdish village of Palangan

Travels in Iran – 2010

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