Laos visit #3 – 2010 | The Nong Kiaow to Maung Khua boat trip up the Nam Ou river, zipping between limestone mountains in northern Laos … was very pleasant, after knocking back 1.5 liters (+) of red wine; this hit and the breeze of speeding along the open river with mellow sounds from my MP3 player soothes away the intense heat and the empty hours.

nong kiaow nam ou river laos

Misty limestone mountains at Nong Kiaow in Laos overshadow the Nam Ou River in the early morning

Looking from bridge across Nam Ou River in Nong Kiaow, Laos

laos woman

Laotian lady with baby and bag boards boat on route to Maung Khua

boat on nam ou river laos

Boat speeds past us on Nam Ou River - Laos

Ohh, shit ... MRP decides even thou it's a sweltering mid-summer's day that cask of red wine - from the other night - must be finished now, on route, cos I was getting bored, anyway ...

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