After a few beers, a shish kebab-lunch, and a quick sex encounter, I took a pic of myself with my (back-up, happy-snap) camera as I faced the mirror and thought, nearly 45 years old – shit, still single and still on the road; and have been since age 21 … I have very few shots of me on-and-offline, so thought it time to reveal myself to you.

I am on the road across the Western deserts of China in Xinjiang Province – great, empty wilderness, alone travels – and thought it maybe time to give more to this blog (as what is actually online is very. very little of my travel experience ).

While I am a very dedicated traveler, I do wonder if it is time to cash-in and join the money-fame-train of  the travel blogging circle or go beyond?

Do I want to be part of that crowd? The mainstream?

Or do I remain my quiet, unassuming self? A pure traveler …?

Join the journey !


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