SNAPSHOTS FROM THE ROAD (all images as shot in-camera, complete with spotty, dirty windscreen): On an isolated road I attempted to hitch from Meghri to Kapan … but after seeing the total lack of traffic I let a rough, chain-smoking taxi driver persuade me to accept his ride (about 60 – mountainous – km for $20).

MRP leaving Meghri …

It was a good move. No vehicles, only the odd truck, stalled or totally stopped cos of the snow and ice coating the road. A few with chains, still ventured forward.


However, even out car got in trouble as it slid fast down road and not far off edge (it would be my second-icy-near-disaster within as many days); the driver was shitting himself. And I confess, it got my heart racing. But we managed to spin out of it and slowly back down hill to dry spot before attempting the slope again … after much longer than he anticipated we finally reached Kapan … relieved: I gave him a few bucks extra.

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