In the light, late afternoon rain, high on Tequila on the mighty peak of The Pyramid Of The Sun, we declared our love … We’d only been together, 4 days.

Love and Tequila at pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico

Love and Tequila at the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico; scaling the Pyramid of the Sun under the spell …

In bed, in bars, around Mexico city, it had been 24/7 together; strangers traveling in a surreal swirl of instant attraction.

The Pyramid of the Sun, completed around 150 AD and the world’s third largest pyramid, is at the heart of what was once Mesa-America’s biggest empire: Teotihuacan.

The rest of the city, including the pyramid of the moon, was developed between 250 – 600 AD but by the 8th century the empire had collapsed.

Love and Tequila

She is 16 years younger than me.

I met Maria (name changed) via this blog. And we’d met once when she was in Korea, then later wrote a few emails over the months, nothing heavy – just friends.

And then a few days after I’d arrived in Mexico City, we’d met again, connected strongly, and stuck.

Together we held one another, gazing out across the Avenue of the Dead and the vast stone ruins to the darkened, surrounding mountains, opening ourselves to what some claim is the site’s ancient, mystical energy.

A place where the later Aztec civilization revered as where the Gods had sacrificed themselves to make the sun move, for their “fifth world”; a place at the center of creation.

A half-liter of this clear liquor on empty-stomachs (which we drank from a clearly marked plastic water bottle so not to arouse suspicion of illegal drinking in public and also the rules of this archeological site) and in love, and on the peak of the pyramid, there, we had our true beginning as a couple.

Some facts: the pyramid’s has 248 steps (cos Lonely Planet counted them; not me) and its massive base is 222 meters on each side with the peak rising over 70 meters. It contains 3 million tons of stone cut and slotted together without the use of of metal tools, horses, or the wheel. The Aztecs believed that it was dedicated to the Sun God, and science seems to have vindicated this when in 1971 archeologists found a 100 meter-long tunnel beneath the pyramid leading to a cave of religious relics thought to be the origins of Teotihuacan worship. Originally the entire pyramid’s plaster exterior was painted red –  a bright, gigantic, glowing red beacon for the whole world to see.
That day we had the site nearly to ourselves, arriving late afternoon. No crowds. Plenty of space. Horizons of stepped stone; stares of amazement, amid scorching heat, searing tequila, blazing passions.

By evening we were the last to be whistled / ushered out the park, drunk, but not obvious (?)

And we stayed in a multi-mirrored, love motel, in a nearby town. Intense loving making ensued into a blur as I remember later Maria passed out and unable to wake her, unable to feel her pulse.

Panicked (or was  I really that drunk) I picked her up and doused her under a freezing shower. She awoke, startled. I thought she was dead. Maybe she was?

The next day we awoke without hang-overs or breakfast and started back early to be the first ones into the park and had it to ourselves for a couple of hours.

Four friendly dogs followed us every step, like guardian spirits …

And they howled atop the Pyramid of the Moon, as we climbed up beyond the allowed area (unlike the Sun Pyramid, the peak here was fenced – off limits) and there we sat in wonder as the early morning mists lingered on the mountains.

I had in my mind to make love, us alone, looking down the vast stone avenue to the Pyramid of the Sun.

But it didn’t happen.

After 30 minutes of awesomeness above we saw a policewoman below.

Heard her whistles and shouts. We clambered down, were told off, had our tickets canceled, and we escorted / kicked outa the park by 9:30 AM.

I didn’t mind, as I was getting really hungry, and we’d seen most of what we wanted to experience.

Love and Tequila amid the Sun and the Moon – really, who needs anything else?

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One Response

  1. thecandytrail

    Author’s note: The following “lost” comments have been recovered:

    Jimmy Kyoto Japan

    Haha you`re awesome. You probably don`t remember me but I met you in Tokyo Japan in the capsule hotel (i`m the hispanic kid) and we went out to Roppongi. Anyway have fun, you`re blogs are really entertaining and Maria is hot AYAYAY! (NOTE: I have since taken her pic offline)


    Hola Jimmy. Greetings from the Pacific Coast at Zapolite, Mexico. Sure I remember you – BUT NOT the night, apart from the first hour … Must have been good; spent a bomb. Hope you´re well. Regards – MRP

    Ji Pan Ho

    Hi.Long time no see! How is it going? I know you are enjoying traveling now. You are great, wonderful. I envy you. I am very fine because of the vacation.I hope you will have good travel. By, by. from Ji Panho.


    Hi Ji Pan Ho. Hola! Greetings from Lake Atitlan = Guatemala. Hope you are well – and got my postcard from Mexico. After 6 weeks of traveling together, Maria has returned home for the start of her new university semester, in northern Mexico, yesterday; I really miss her. Say Hi to all in Gwangyang … ¡ Viva Corea ! Regards – Michael

    victor salinas

    hey michael, i dont even want to ask how are you doing , because i know you are doing great. this is victor i met you and maria in pachan palenque chiapas. i was with my brother hector we got pretty messed up in pachan with you guys.well just writing to give you my email and to say hello. it was a pleasure to meet you brother, and to listing to your experiences around the world, i wish you the best and i will see you soon somewhere in the world.


    Hola Victor (& Hector)! Good to hear from ya (PM-ed you also). Greetings from Lake Atitlan – Guatemala, where I´m still just getting high and reflecting on life. Hope you enjoyed your trip – was great meeting you guys, was real wasted that last evening and Maria laughed at me alot the next morning … She´s back in Mexico now, and I miss her like hell but looking forward to the next reunification. Til next time. ¡ Viva Mexico ! Regards – Michael (& Maria)