English class – Tai’an, China

Elementary school children at English class – Grade 4, Tai’an, China. The lesson: parts of the body.

kids english class china_1

One of the keenest students

I would elicit the answer by moving a part of my body and then ask them: What is this? And then ask How many? Big or small? etc.

kids english class china_2

Shy but able | note: the spelling mistakes!

On listening to my instructions they would then draw “a part” … The lesson started with the head and evolved into a monster – maybe more fun and certainly more flexibility than drawing person.

kids english class china_3

Another great student | he has problem with his left eye. During the lesson “Where would you like to go in the holidays?” : he always joked “the hospital”

The kids were excited to show me ‘their art ( – their … English)’

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