Kassala is a Sudanese favourite for honeymooning couples as the Taka Mountains are a backdrop, where springs a sacred well – said to enhance fertility. The city is also famous for its multi-ethnic market. For just over the mountains is Eritrea; and across the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia.

gash river taka mountains kassala sudan

The weird Taka Mountains – between the Gash River and rebuilt flood embankments, made since a massive flash-flood turned this dry riverbed into a raging torrent that flooded the city, killed 30 and left tens of thousands homeless in 2003.

kassala-sudan market

The chicken serial-killer of Kassala … Tikka flavoured chicken is cooked on hot stones and along with bread and salad is great meal.

market kassala-sudan

Islamic female fashion can be very colorful in Sudan. RIGHT: Vendor selling the amazing garments of the Rashaida Tribes (originally from Saudi Arabia).


Kassala’s market is massive and covers many blocks, selling everything … it’s most famous for fruit like mangoes, oranges, grapefruit.

people kassala-sudan


Vendor selling traditional daggers + swords; making clay coffee pots

tea seller sudan

Shay anyone ? Very sweet tea and coffee are big favourites in the Islamic world.

beja tribesmen sudan

Having coffee with Beja tribesmen in the grain market

simple street stall sudan_14

Some vendors in Kassala have very simple street stalls.

saint's tomb sudan

Saints tomb in Kassala, near taka mountains


The 18th century Khatmiyah Mosque – home to a local sufi sect originally from Saudi Arabia

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