kang village houses Iran

The old stepped village of Kang is about 30 km from Mashhad, within and climbing above a scenic river valley. It is very un-touristed, quiet. And on this day, the weather zipped from cold winds and light rain to sunshine, every few minutes.

street kang village Iran

Cobbled waterways run amid the stepped lanes of Kang village

young girl kang village Iran

This young girl was upset as she could not reach the outside gate lock - I assisted her, as the other kids inside the compound were not tall enough, either. She rejoined her friends/siblings.

kang village Iran

Women lugs up a huge bag within the steep, stepped lanes of Kang village, Iran

kang village man smoking pipe

There were few people about - but not many: this blacksmith invited me into his workplace. This is the serious pose but he was all smiles.

kang village panorama Iran

Looking towards Kang village from the far hillside surrounds ...

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