Within a corner of the vast Dasht-e Lut (desert), you could be forgiven for wondering if you’ve stumbled into a lost city as miles of eroded towers, walls, forts, apartment blocks stick out from nowhere.

kaluts desert black and white photo landscape iran

Going for a real lost world retro look here …

kaluts panorama of lut desert iran

But the reality was: there were a lot of Iranian families having picnics out there this day


These strange desert formations are shaped by centuries of extreme water and soil erosion, running north to south for 145 km, across the searing desert province of Kerman, here at Kavir-e lut.


Sitting only at 56 meters above sea level, this is the lowest area in Iran (and apparently, also the hottest place in Iran – and the world …?!). The temperature in the Lut Desert can exceed 65 degrees centigrade in the shade in summer.

humps kaluts-lut desert-iran

So don’t visit in summer, okay. I was there in early-winter and it was still very hot at mid-day. I kept hanging-out for the impossible dream of an ice-cold 6-pack …

Sunset over Kaluts Lut desert Iran

Sunset over Kaluts in Lut desert – Iran


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