One of Asia’s biggest caves with an interior spanning between 20-100 meters wide, 20-30 meters high, and 6.2 kilometers in length (… but only 1.6 km is open to the public).


Hwanseon cave - Korea

It is easily navigated via a series of decent walkways and bridges and surreal lights – giving a weird-Disney-glow to the cave.

With the intense, arty, lighting Hwanseon Cave can be a trippy experience – especially while drinking a bottle of soju ( clear local liquor ) … only for the hard-core.

Amid the caverns are waterfalls and dozens of imaginatively-named formations: palace of dreams;  bat of a goblin; rice terraces; the promise of love; figure of a lady …


  • Visit this cave during the week – not on public holidays or weekends –  unless you want an intense circus of domestic tourists.
  • Get there before 3 pm, as the steep walk to the entrance will take at least 40 minutes (and you will also want to get there: before  last entry) and also have an hour inside to wander leisurely.
  • Take a jacket – it will be 10-14 celicius inside but humid.
  • RECOMMENDED:  Drink Soju – discreetly – as you wander about enjoying  the surrealism.

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