Woman Doucki canyon view Fouta Djalon Guinea sunset

Late afternoon over the canyon of Guinea’s Fouta Djallon highlands

Known as the “Grand Canyon of Guinea” – this mighty canyon tears over 70 km thru the highlands of central Guinea’s Fouta Djallon. For a few days, I stayed above the canyon in the village of Doucki. And went hiking about …

canyon cliffs Doucki landscape Fouta Djalon Guinea

Doucki hyenas rock Fouta Djalon Guinea

Various rock formations had local names. Here’s Hyena’s Rock

man + woman faces of guinea

My hosts: Hassan Bah and his wife living in the village of Doucki.

kids Fouta Djalon Guinea village house trees Doucki black and white

A typical traditional house in Doucki

islamic girl with headscarf Guinea

Girl of Doucki wearing headscarf as the people of this region are all Muslim and culturally known as the Fulani, or Fula.

Fouta Djalon Guinea waterfall and sky

Vulture’s Rock waterfalls. Look in the center of pic to see a small figure sitting – this is Hassan Bah. He was a fun guy with tons of life experience. And despite him fasting during day-light hours as it was Ramadan – he still insisted on taking me hiking each day, in the heat; without taking any food or water until dusk!

Fouta Djalon Guinea muslim imam above canyon vista

The village Imam returns from working in his fields, in the canyon below Doucki.

Slot canyon in Fouta Djallon highlands of Guinea

Slot canyon in Fouta Djallon highlands of Guinea. (Lots of giant millipedes in here).

Doucki canyon dusk light beams Guinea

As dusk light fades across part of the canyon – a lone bird sings


Travels in Guinea – 2007

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