She looked like a real doll … Cute, Asian face. Perfect black hair. Long eyelashes.Eternal smile that said – Welcome Mister!

That was the signboard, neon light impression. I was curious. She was hot, in that way of looking too, too good.

And so after a bottle or so of Soju – Korean, clear liquor – I stomped down the stairs to the see the available women. I was not disappointed.

I was meet by astonishment and broken English by the young owner of the brothel. I asked if I could see the girls. He agreed.

Amazing. Instead of the worn whores that always evolved after viewing the depicted, promised hot, young chicks on the advertising cards – this was real … The chick was hot, beautiful, and looked just as her picture promised!

Young and nimble and smiling, so sweet. I paid upfront my 25,000 won for 1 hour.

And the owner turned on the computer to a huge selection of porn. I chose a hot, Brazilian group session, for starters. And undressed, while eye-ing my quiet, shy babe.

I pulled up her blouse, toyed with her tits. Ran my fingers into her cold, insides.

I whispered sweet nothings into her ear, and inserted myself. I thought I heard her moan. She was tight. I struggled to get going in the missionary position.

But the supplied lubricant helped and soon we were at ease, shafting, motioning, and soon I was approaching … I kissed her, hugging her shoulders as I came.

She smiled, was always smiling.

I think, it was her first time … ;)

sex doll korea close-up

You too, can pay to make love to a rubber doll – Korea

And I asked her: was it good for you?

She didn’t reply.

But why would she? She was a beautiful bimbo. A hardened whore. A silent, rubber doll. Shhh, our secret, okay, babe.

Don’t tell anyone, okay. Yeah, I paid for sex with a beautiful, submissive, Korean rubber sex-doll.


11 Responses

  1. Janis

    Your quite stupid arent you ? There is something not quite right with someone that has sex with a doll.

    • thecandytrail

      Stupid no; crazy, yes. “There is something not quite right with someone that has sex with a doll.” Well, there is something not quite right with a person who is nomadic across the world for 20 years, either.

      I am a social explorer. And if you scan this site you will understand I have vast experience … This is simply a strange sex service offered in Korea; and so this is a cultural exploration. A one time curiousioty.

      Lighten up: it was effectively sex with myself. Are you offended also by the use of sex toys or cyber sex? And why? Cos there is no-secondary-human-flesh present?

      Sex with dolls, or rather robots / cyborgs, will be significant in the future of human sexuality …

      MRP (presently located in … doll-less, Panama)

  2. thecandytrail

    Sorry to say – no kimchi; I love the stuff. I should have taken along my own … sex & food … what next?

  3. johnny

    please tell me these are original photos from the ‘experience’?!?

    • Michael Robert Powell

      Yeah (shot with a tiny, very-low resolution pen-video-camera). Seems like years ago now, actually it was few years ago … strange memories.

  4. chowda

    I thought it was very interesting.. I’m in Korea too, and there is some strange stuff.. I’d like to try the experience you had, maybe one day!!

  5. Joel

    I’m in daegu now, where is this place?