Choosing cool unique travel blog names

There’s so many generic travel blog names out there – like nomadic this or that, travelling me, backpacking us, every-somebody-nobody … So here’s some expert travel advice to assist novices find unique travel blog names. Hope there’s one that you like ;)



14 Responses

  1. Jason

    Absolutely pissing myself. Laughing that hard, I’m struggling to type. This has to go viral!

  2. Dave

    Ha ha. I like the can’t-pick-up-my-backpack one. All have an air of truth though.

    Was thinking along the lines of i-live-off-my-husband/ & & i-am-going-to-a-travel-blogging-conference-but-can’

    And something about goats. Dunno about goats, but I worry for them.

  3. johnny

    fucking loving this! and dave’s comments too! the travel blog world is slowly killing me, actually it’s not so slow

    i’m gonna push this hard mate, a lot of people need to read this!

    • the candy trail ... | Michael Robert Powell

      Cheers Johnny. (I just found your comments in my spam bin; damn) but yeah, you’ve just gotta enjoy travelling for the pure love of travel – which you are doing very well – and avoid the incessant puke and bleating of the travel-blogging-sheep scene.

  4. Sammy Corfield

    I say, if you’re starting to blog about travels these days, just admit your just another generic, plastic wannabe nomadic (whatever). Thats what i did, now im the most mediocre travel blogger of them all!

  5. Jessica

    I was laughing so hard when I got to the end of this list, I almost gave myself a hernia. It’s like you accurately took that monologue that goes on in all our minds while browsing and checking out those hippie and pretentious travel blogs that are supposed to be full of vital information and gave it a voice…oh man, I am sharing this on Facebook. This post is winning!

  6. Shane

    Absolutely hilarious…was looking for a name to start up a travel blog. I think yur onto a few winners there!!

    I will sure to spam your blog with the credit haha

    Btw awesome travel adventures you have been on my friend!!