It was one of those epic meet-ups with a friend. But in Africa. Something we thought possible but when confronted by so many of the uncertainties of the road, it seemed very touch and go.


Wildlife along the roadside … across Botswana.

Until it actually happened. I had come down overland from Cairo; he and his GF around in a loop thru South Africa and Namibia, when we met at Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe. So began our road trip across Botswana. Months earlier Friend X had flown from NZ to South Africa to see his GF’s country, and travel around in a hired car. But this was no mere backpacking expedition. And I was grateful for a seat in a fast car. And the great companionship of an ancient friendship. And also for the stocked chilly bin of booze, too.


Shots of Chobe National Park.

Following a tourist boat afternoon (sunset booze cruise) on the river of the Chobe National Park, with lots animals – re: the photos – and lots of laughter and idiocy – no pics sorry as I will maintain other’s privacy; that evening ascended into steak and continuous booze and then sexy awesomeness with local female company until mid-morning the following day. Enough said 😉


More animal action in Chobe River National Park … (No, that’s not me with the local lass … ).


This strange character decided to order lunch from the grill and bonnet of the hire car; splattered as it was, with mangled insect road-kill.


LEFT: On the road as a passenger, I noticed alot clouds above my head and beer bottles emptying; otherwise it seemed that much of Botswana is totally empty for hours). TOP RIGHT: Zipping past a local rural dwelling. LOWER RIGHT: Astonishing the entire scientific world, Friend X lays claim to discovering a new species of Dinosaur …


Planet Baobab (= a guesthouse complex amid the big trees): a wonderful place to stay in the middle of nowhere, on route between Chobe and Maun (Okavango Delta).


High above the Okavango Delta. Friend X was determined to do a charter flight over Africa and generously paid for it. The flight was delayed; we rushed back across the road from the airport to the bar for a fast beer. The view was awesome … some herds were spotted below.


The last day in Botswana, the long drive out to South Africa was surreal. After being pulled over for a speeding ticket and fine, we proceeded to the border mountains in the late afternoon to be engulfed by nature’s beauty and power. First a rainbow in-front of us. Then two complete rainbows. Then driving between them and a huge hailstorm. Thunder. Rainbows. Lightning. Hail. An explosion of thunder that hit the ground so loud and so seemingly close to the left of us – that it blew our minds.


MRP … relaxing with friends.

Travels in Botswana – 2013

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