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Travel Advice – How to hitchhike

While hitch-hiking is usually to save on transport costs often it’s the only viable means of transport, especially so in remote developing world regions where you may ride on top of a cargo truck ...

Crazy Travels

school kids in prr-Saddam march in Rutbah - Saddam's Iraq 1989

Police hassles – travels in Saddam’s Iraq #2

A wildfire ignites before my eyes as Iraqis whisper to one another as the murmuring spreads to crackling as more faces turn to stare at me. The speaker is losing his audience - his words no longer of interest as 100s of eyes now stare at me

Drugged, abducted, robbed + ditched in Russia

Everyone around the tables was friendly. I remember having 3 shots with them and that's it ... until I remember stumbling and falling from weakness on gravel somewhere in the countryside