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Victoria Falls – the smoke that thunders

Victoria Falls - the Smoke that Thunders - is the largest waterfall in the world, dropping the mighty Zambezi River into a "smoking" canyon at the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe in southern Africa.
The entrance to the mighty fortress of

Tiny, mighty Mozambique Island

For centuries tiny Mozambique island - just 3 km long and 500 meters wide - played a disproportionate role on Africa's east coast.

Mozambique by boat, truck, van + train

My intention of a continuous journey down the Swahili coast - from Lamu Island in Kenya to northern Mozambique, via Tanzania - ground to an abrupt halt at the Mozambique embassy in Dar es Salaam.
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The Great Zimbabwe

Monumental stone ruins are rare in southern Africa. Yet in the lower highlands of Zimbabwe stand awe-inspiring African stone-work that feels like something from the Inca of Peru.
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Ulisa Bay on Lakoma Island in Lake Malawi

Ulisa Bay on Lakoma Island in Lake Malawi was my break - 5 slothful days away from the arduous off-track route from Tanzania to Mozambique, via small boats and dusty, broken roads traversing the surrounds of...