Destination X art exhibition World Culture Museum Sweden

Destination X Art Exhibition @ World Culture Museum

Destination X – Art Exhibition @ The Museum of World Culture – Sweden

The World Culture Museum – in Gothenburg, SWEDEN – purchased 4 travel images from me awhile ago and they are now part of a major exhibition: DESTINATION X on show from April 2010 to December 2011.

Destination X Art Exhibition World Culture Museum  poster

Exhibition – poster

“Destination X is an exhibition about people’s motivation to move around in the world. It’s about travelling out of necessity, curiosity, lust and boredom. About tourists and migrants, global families, business travellers, refugees and adventurers. A grand mix of objects, contemporary art, film, photo and personal stories about the dream of a better life – elsewhere.”

Michael Robert Powell artworks at Destination X art World Culture Museum exhibition Sweden

MRP ART on exhibition in National Museum of World Culture in Sweden. The largest image is of Iraq: 1 x 2 meters high

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