Angkor Wat – June 1994: It was a crazy and dangerous time with the Khmer Rouge guerrillas still active and killing people – including 7 foreigners – back then; the temples were empty and silent and a little spooky, monsoonal afternoons, birds, occasional gunfire – it was still mined and soldiers, checkpoints, tanks around as decades of war surrounded the temples, and in the hills were the KR.


The magic of Angkor – Angkor Wat, Cambodia  1994| MRP ART 2005

I made this art during 2004-05, when I returned to Cambodia twice (but I didn’t revisit Angkor until 2008) to live for a year divided between Sihanoukville on the southern coast, and later in the capital Phnom Pehn, where I made this art based on my original photos and impressions of that earlier, lost era in 1994.

empty temples Angkor Wat 1994

How Angkor Wat was … During the monsoon. Absolute silence. Except the rain. Sometimes birds. Occasional gunfire.

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